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Plant Power Stories

Tim Kaufman

Short Synopsis

Tim Kaufman used to be 400lbs, in constant pain and addicted to alcohol, fentanyl and fast food. Today he is a plant-based athlete and a true inspiration to many.

Born with a genetic disorder called Elhers-Danlos syndrome, Tim’s joints are very loose and hypermobile and, when he was younger, he was told to move as little possible in order to manage the condition. Tim’s excess weight was often too much for his joints to handle, and he would frequently require mobility assistance. In a vicious cycle of pain and medicating Tim had lost his passion for life and was simply surviving one day to the next. At his worst, in a typical day, he would consume a liter of vodka, the maximum dose of fentanyl, about 20 opioid tablets and eat fast food four times. Something had to change.

Inspired to change for his wife Heather, who joined him on his health kick, Tim decided to buy a juicer and, for 30 days, consumed nothing but juice. Less than a week in he noticed significant changes to his sleep and energy levels and was inspired to continue. At the end of his juice fast, Tim started to eat what he was juicing – lots of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens – and added in some grains and starches. He cut out all animal products and processed foods from his diet, his weight kept dropping and he felt better and better.

With his new sense of health and vitality, Tim soon found he had much more energy and started to get active. Soon walking turned to running and, before he knew it, he ran his first 10k. And now Tim’s completing triathlons, something he never thought he could do.

In the fifth ‘Plant Power Stories’, a series from H.O.P.E. The Project that aims to inform and inspire people about the benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet and a conscious lifestyle, Tim shares his truly incredible life-story and his top tips for anyone that might want to follow in his footsteps.

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